Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Marvel Comics: Havok and Madelyne Pryor.

Heaven's what I feel

Nueva Ilustración de los Hombres X.

Alex Summers (Kaos) es novio de Lorna Dane (Polaris). Recientemente ella ha actuado de una forma extraña, y ya no es la persona de la que Alex se enamoró.

Madelyne Pryor es la esposa de Scott Summers (Cíclope), el hermano de Alex. Él la abandonó a ella y a su hijo cuando su antigua novia regresó.

Ahora Alex y Madelyne están más cerca el uno del otro, unidos por una fuerza que no pueden resistir.

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Nouvelle Illustration des Hommes X.

Alex Summers (Havok) est le copain de Lorna Dane (Polaris). Elle s'est comportée de façon bizarre récemment, et elle n'est plus la personne dont il est tombé amoureux.

Madelyne Pryor est la femme de Scott Summers (Cyclope), le frère d'Alex. Il l'a abandonné, de même qu'à leur fils, quand son ancienne copine était revenue.

Maintenant Alex et Madelyne sont plus proches l'un de l'autre, unis par une force à laquelle ils ne peuvent pas résister.

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New Illustration from the X-Men.

Alex Summers (Havok) is the boyfriend of Lorna Dane (Polaris). She has been acting in a weird way recently, and she is no longer the person with whom Alex fell in love.

Madelyne Pryor is the wife of Scott Summers (Cyclops), Alex's brother. He abandoned her and their son when his old girlfriend returned.

Now Alex and Madelyne are closer to each other, brought together by a force they cannot resist.

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Gloria Estefan - Heaven's what I feel.

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Heaven's what I feel.

Love sometimes
can be like destiny:
there's no way to say "forever",
it may not realize your dreams.
And love sometimes
is like the blowing wind:
it can take us to wherever,
sending us on silent wings.

But I have broken
all the rules of love.
I never dreamed that I could
come this far.
And now I'm lost in my emotions,
you're becoming my devotion;
there's nothing I can do
to stop this love for you.

I was not supposed to fall in love with you.
I have someone else
and someone else is loving you.
And I was not supposed to let this love get through.
So let me say for real
heaven's what I feel when I'm with you.

This feeling is forever,
you make me feel like heaven.
My love is true when I'm with you.

How could I
have known that in your eyes
I would find the deepest answers
to the questions of my heart?
And how could I have known
that by your side
was the light to fill the darkness
in the shadows of my life?

Heaven, heaven
is what I feel when we're together.
Heaven, heaven.
Just look in my eyes and you'll see it's the truth.

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  1. Dude!
    I like how you put the Baxter Building in the background, and the other details.

    1. Thanks, man. You can't have NYC's great buildings without the Fantastic Four's home.

      But that is Four Freedoms Plaza. The Baxter Building had been destroyed.


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