Thursday, February 19, 2015

Phantasy Star II: Yousis and Alicer Landeel.

O pesadelo

Nueva Ilustración de Phantasy Star II: Al final de la era perdida1.

El joven Yousis2|3 tiene pesadillas recurrentes. En ellas ve a una chica (Alicer Landeel4) peleando contra un enorme demonio.

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Nouvelle Illustration de Phantasy Star II: La fin du temps perdu1.

Le jeune Yousis2|3 a des cauchemars récurrents. Dans eux il voit une fille (Alicer Landeel4) se battre contre un grand démon.

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New Illustration from Phantasy Star II: At the end of the lost age1.

Young Rolf2|3 has recurring nightmares. In them he sees a girl (Alis Landale4) fighting against a huge demon.

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Galactic background stock by CelticStrm-Stock.


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