Thursday, July 6, 2017

Marvel Comics: X-Men.

You can let go

^ Betsy BraddockPsylocke
Mariposa Mental
Doug RamseyCypher
^ Alison BlaireDazzler
Hank McCoyBeast
Le Fauve
^ Clarice Ferguson
Sean CassidyBanshee
Le Hurleur
^ Illyana Rasputina
Katherine PrydeCat
^ Sooraya QadirDust
Eric GitterInk
^ Charles XavierProfessor X
Profesor X
Professeur X
Jean Grey
^ Emma Frost
Scott SummersCyclops
^ Gaia
Everett ThomasSynch

Nueva Ilustración de los Hombres X.

Los Hombres X son más fuertes cuando trabajan en equipo.

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Nouvelle Illustration des Hommes X.

Les Hommes X sont plus forts quand ils travaillent ensemble.

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New Illustration from the X-Men.

The X-Men are stronger when they work as a team.

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Stars stock by aajohan.

Fire stock by danf83stock.

Fire stock by TeapotMysteries.

Broken TV stock by shudder-stock.

Ocean stock by Toranih-stock.

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Backstreet Boys - You can let go.

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You can let go.

1 I can see it in your eyes,
broken windows, fallen skies
Baby, baby, what you hiding from?
2 The light that followed you around,
lately, nowhere to be found
Don't you know that I'm your place to run?

You've been holding on so long
trying to make believe that nothing's wrong,
not letting it show.
And there ain't nothing you can do
to make me turn away from you.
I need you to know that you can let go.

3 Sifting through shattered dreams,
living in the in-between
Baby, babe, it's gonna be alright.
You can let go.
4 When you're lost, let down, disappointed
and jerked around in this cold, cold world,
I will always be by your side

5 Don't be afraid when you're falling apart.
6 Don't hesitate, I'll be right where you are.
Open your eyes, there's a crack in the dark.

7 Never let me see you crying,
you locked it somewhere deep inside
Baby, baby, let me hold you tight,
make it alright.

Baby, baby, gonna be alright
'cause I'm by your side.
8 When the whole world turns against you
I won't turn against you

You can let go.

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