Sunday, September 18, 2016

Marvel Comics: Spider-Woman. [Marvel Epic Collection.]

Marvel, Spider-Woman

Nueva Ilustración de la Mujer Araña.

Jessica Drew, la Mujer Araña.

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Nouvelle Illustration de la Femme Araignée.

Jessica Drew, la Femme Araignée.

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New Illustration from Spider-Woman.

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman.

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  1. Your understanding of which heroines get specific emphasis is interminable! You could crop this by a lot and I'd know it was her. :)

    1. Thanks!

      You mean which are iconic and recognizable?

      Some of the characters I have chosen are somewhat obscure. I even did Rogue wearing a one-time-only costume (from X-Men vs. Fantastic Four), instead of other more known options (or my favorite, the Australian look).

      Still, I try to make all of them look good.

      Let me know which look you would like the most for Rahne. Anything goes, even if you say the yellow outfit "adult" Rahne wore when she had Dagger's powers. You get to choose what Rahne will be like hen I draw her (it may still take a while to be her turn, though).


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