Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Phantasy Star Gaiden: Alec. [Phantasy Star Arts jams.]

Alec and slimes

Nueva Ilustración de Phantasy Star Gaiden1.

Alec2 inicia su aventura.

Alec de Phantasy Star Gaiden, para el PSA-JAM de septiembre de 2015, de Phantasy-Star-Arts en deviantART.

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Nouvelle Illustration de Phantasy Star Gaiden1.

Alec2commence son aventure.

Alec de Phantasy Star Gaiden, pour le PSA-JAM de Septembre 2015, de Phantasy-Star-Arts dans deviantART.

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New Illustration from Phantasy Star Gaiden1.

Alec2 begins his adventure.

Alec from Phantasy Star Gaiden, for the PSA-JAM for September 2015, hosted by Phantasy-Star-Arts in deviantART.

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Jungle stock by greenleaf-stock.


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  2. ^ a b c Alec | Arekku | アレック。

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