Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marvel Comics: Shatterbox.


Nueva Ilustración de Factor X e Inferno.

Joey Bailey y Gailyn Bailey son los hijos de Sara Grey, la hermana de Jean Grey (Chica Maravillosa de Factor X). Ellos han sido secuestrados por Nanny y el Crea-Huérfanos, quienes los han convertido en Shatterbox, de los Niños (y Niñas) Perdidos.

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Nouvelle Illustration de Facteur X et l'Inferno.

Joey Bailey et Gailyn Bailey sont les enfants de Sara Grey, la sœur de Jean Grey, (Strange Girl de Facteur X). Ils ont été kidnappés par Nanny et le Faiseur d'Orphelins, qui les ont converti en Shatterbox, des Garçons (et Filles) Perdus.

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New Illustration from X-Factor and Inferno.

Joey Bailey and Gailyn Bailey are the children of Sara Grey, the sister of Jean Grey, (X-Factor's Marvel Girl). They have been kidnapped by Nanny and the Orphan Maker, who turned them into Shatterbox, of the Lost Boys (and Girls).

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  1. I like that someone remembered these kids!

    1. And they were not even featured in the comic book issue where they died. That was a waste...


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