Monday, January 30, 2012

Dragon Quest V: Hero. [Monster master collection.]

Monster Master, January

Nueva Ilustración de Dragon Quest V: La prometida celestial1.

Enero: el domador de monstruos legendario2, el rey de Pankraz3, Abel4, con un gran dragón5 y un dientecillos6.

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Nouvelle Ilustration de Dragon Quest V: La fiancée céleste1.

Janvier: le maître de monstres légendaire2, le roi de Gotha3, Abel4, avec un grand dragon5 et un smilodon de lait6.

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New Illustration from Dragon Quest V: Hand of the heavenly bride1.

January: the legendary monster master2, the king of Gotha3, Abel4, with a great dragon5 and a great sabrecub6.

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Monster Master, January Monster Master, February Monster Master, March


  1. You continue to excel! Nice composition and colors.

    1. Oh, I did not know I could now reply directly to your comment...

      I added my reply as a new comment, in case you want to see it.

  2. Thanks, K-man.

    I have to wonder, after Dragon Quest VIII, did you follow up with the rest of the series? I am thinking no, perhaps (kids must leave you no time at all), but I hope you will someday (the 4 DS DQ games should be relatively cheap right now).


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